Professor Doctor Carl von Linde

Corporate HistoryFind out more about our legacy in the Philippines.

The Linde Group has a history of 130 years built on a heritage of innovation with a strong focus on technology.  The company's founder, Carl von Linde inventer the refrigeration technology and pioneered a process of air separation. 

Today, we are a global market leader in gases and engineering solutions. 

In the Philippines, we have a combined total of 47 years of successful operations in the country.  Our legacies are pioneering and sustaining technologies for the local industries.  Our heritage is our partnership with our customers and enabling them to become leaders in their fields.

1980  CIGI was incorporated.
1990  CIGI Apalit air separation plant was inaugurated.
1993  SIG was incorporated.
1996  CIGI built the first special gases laboratory.
1996  CIGI pioneered the first onsite supply scheme in the Philippines.
1999  The BOC Group acquired 100% control of CIGI and SIG.
2000  CIGI built the largest single hydrogen facility in the Philippines.
2005  SIG delivered the first liquid oxygen supply in Visayas region.
2006  CIGI inaugurated the first GMP-compliant and only medical hub in the country.
CIGI and SIG became members of The Linde Group.
2007  SIG delivered the first liquid oxygen supply in Mindanao.
2008  Sta. Rosa ASU upgrade to cater to market growth.
2010  PhP 1 billion SIG ASU in Balamban went online.
On the same year, CIGI and SIG become Linde Philippines.
2011  CO2 Fuel Burning Plant in Cebu was commissioned & Vapormate Production Plant in Davao was inaugurated